use this template and post your character using the template in the comments section
  1. mandatory things: name age birthday gender claimed or unclaimed parents.
  2. Name: (Full name of your chara)
  3. Age: (How old is your character (keep in mind most demigods are 13-18 years old)
  4. Birthday: 
  5. Gender: (Male or female)
  6. claimed or unclaimed: parents and if you have already been claimed godly parents
  8. Dislikes: 
  9. Fears:
  10. Overall personality: (optional)
  11. Characters history:
  12. once your done I will say if your character occ is good to go and private message me on my wikia account or post a comment here saying your done and I can send you a private message or reply in chat if its good to go.
  13. start your journey here to go to camp