This house has a blue roof and vines covering it and the ground laying out the front is made up of a large gravel area. The grass and forest surround the gravel area but are not actually on the gravel path area. Inside the big house. It has a bronze eagle weather vane with wind chimes that turn into dryads as they spin. Mr. D, Chiron, and the other Camp Half-Blood staff members meet with the cabin counselors there. Also, it serves its purpose as the camp's infirmary, which is needed quite often. There are four floors including a basement and an attic in the Big House. It is home to Mr. D, Chiron, and Argus.  The attic used to hold the Oracle's body which told prophecies for the quests of the campers, but since the Oracle was replaced by Rachel Elizabeth Dare, prophecies are now told in a nearby cave. The deck wraps around the Big House's entire perimeter, giving an excellent view of the Long Island Sound and Camp Half-Blood's immense forest. Chiron has his own room too and does his work from the room.It has a record player and a full screen video where the orientation film is played to new campers. He also has a boom box and a computer. There is alos a rec room inside where the councill all have their meetings at. There is alos a basement which has a storage space for ambrosia and strawberries.
Image of the big house: